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GMDSS Bespoke Distress Card (25.5.2017)

Maritime Progress has now introduced a bespoke distress card that is printed on a super bright PSPA Class D photoluminescent rigid PVC, which includes the vessel’s name, call sign and MMSI within the printed text that needs to be read out during a distress alert.

Why is it important 
The full implementation of the GMDSS came into force on 1 February 1999 almost exactly 100 years after the first use of wireless technology to aid a ship in distress. However even now 18 years later, there are still occurrences where an alert has been made by vessels using other services not designed for Urgency or Distress. GMDSS has set procedures for raising both a distress using automatic and manual means and also the important information that should be included within any voice generated alert. Due to recent events, Maritime progress has introduced a GMDSS Poster that is designed to remind a user of the operation GMDSS to help ensure familiarity with the GMDSS equipment and processes.

How does it help
In a distress situation an operator may have very little time to raise an alert and in any case be under severe pressure leading them to miss important information during a voice alert. Distress cards have traditionally been provided where the Name, Call Sign and MMSI, have been written in pencil or ink by hand, which over time would become blurred or faded, and would need a source of lumination to read them at night.

Simply provide the vessel’s name, call sign and MMSI when you order so we can include them on your distress card.

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