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Getting ready for Marpol update (05.02.2018)




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We are ready… are you?

The MARPOL regulations related to the management, disposal and recording of garbage is changing in March this year.

This has resulted in changes to the categories of garbage listed in MARPOL Annex V and as such the need to update publications, posters and record books used on vessels.

The publications affected are the Garbage Disposal Plan (1029X), Garbage Management Plan (PB1256), Garbage Record book (1203Y) and the Crew Garbage Placard (1042Y).

Maritime Progress has incorporated the new guidelines for the implementation of Annex V of MARPOL of the Maritime Environment Protection Committees’ 71st meeting in London.

Our Garbage Disposal Plan, Garbage Management Plan, Garbage Record book and the Crew Garbage Placard have all been updated to conform to IMO Resolutions 264(68) Polar Code as well as MEPC 277(70) Amendments to MARPOL Annex V.

IMO Resolutions 264(68) Polar Code addresses garbage treatment in the ARCTIC and follows the principles of garbage in Special Areas as addressed in MARPOL, (which the ARCTIC is not); it also relates to garbage in the proximity to ice.

MEPC 277(70) amended the MARPOL Annex V, changing the categories of Garbage to now include E-waste as category I, and separates Cargo Residues into two new categories that are dealt with at different parts of the Garbage Record book. Hence now, Part 1 of the Garbage Record book addresses Garbage categories A to I, and a Part 2, Cargo Residues; category J for Non Harmful to the Marine Environment (non HME) Cargo Residues; and category K for Harmful to the Marine Environment (HME) Cargo Residues. As such the recording of Garbage categories is as follows:-

Maritime Progress has included a comprehensive guide at the beginning of our Garbage Record Book which aims to help crew select the correct category and decide what is allowed to be disposed of and when. Furthermore, the Garbage Disposal Plan and the Crew Placards provide useful decision support for knowing how and when to treat and dispose of garbage.

“Maritime Progress remains committed to help the mariner maintain their record keeping and manage tasks effectively and correctly related to the safety of life and the preservation of the environment.”

Captain Robert Tremlett 

Garbage Disposal Plan
Garbage Record Book 

Garbage Management Plan
Garbage Poster/Placard