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Fire-Fighting Equipment Signs (FES / FFE)

To be used only in the event of fire

6134 View

Water fog applicator

6171 View

Wheeled fire extinguisher

6133 View

Extinguisher missing

6301 View

Extinguisher missing – Please report missing firefighting equipment to the Safety Officer immediatley

6303 View

Picto for use with extinguisher signs

2607 View

Panoramic Fire alarm

6503 View

Panoramic Fire alarm

6502 View

Panoramic Fire extinguisher

6501 View

Panoramic Fire extinguisher

6500 View

Panoramic Fire hose reel

6505 View

Panoramic Fire hose reel

6504 View

Panoramic Fire point

6507 View

Panoramic Fire point

6506 View

Arrow rotatable to point up, down, left or right red

6210 View

Diagonal arrow, rotatable to point diagonally in 4 directions red

6211 View

Number 0 Red

6200 View

Number 1 Red

6201 View

Number 2 Red

6202 View

Number 3 Red

6203 View

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