IMO Res A.654(16)
FCS - Emergency fire pump

Emergency fire pump

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FCS - Emergency generator

Emergency generator

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FCS - Emergency switchboard

Emergency switchboard

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FCS - Emergency telephone station

Emergency telephone station

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FCS - Safety plan

FCS – Safety plan

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FCS - Fire alarm panel

Fire alarm panel

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FCS - Fire axe

Fire axe

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FCS - Fire control plan

Fire control plan

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FCS - Fire damper in vent duct

Fire damper in vent duct

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Fire extinguisher spare charges

Fire extinguisher spare charges

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FCS - Fire main with valves

Fire main with valves

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FCS - Fire pump

Fire pump

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FCS - Fire station

Fire station

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FCS - Flame detector

Flame detector

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FCS - Foam installation

Foam installation

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FCS - Foam monitor (gun)

Foam monitor (gun)

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