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Mandatory Signs (MSS)

Lower rescue boat with text

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Man overboard instructions

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Masks must be worn in this area

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No fire loop is to be isolated without the knowledge of the watch officer

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Now wash your hands

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Only human waste and toilet tissue to be flushed down these toilets

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Opaque eye protection must be worn

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Personal hygiene rules apply beyond this point

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Personal protective equipment is provided. USE IT

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Persons entering this area must comply with safety regulations

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Protective clothing must be worn in this area

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Protective footwear must be worn

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Refer to instruction manual/booklet

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Release falls in launch sequence

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Release falls with text

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Release gripes with text

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Release lifeboat gripes in launch sequence

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Rescue boat launching procedure

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Respirators must be worn in this area

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Safety helmets must be worn beyond this point

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