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A Guide to the Garbage Management Plan and Record Book.

Maritime Progress has a number of publications including the Fire Training Manual & Safety Operational Booklet, Garbage Management Plan & Record Book and SOLAS Training Manual. This guide serves to cover the content and usage of the Garbage Management Plan & Record Book. Garbage Management Plan & Record BOOK


The latest amendments to Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 strengthens the controls over the dumping of ship generated garbage at sea.  Specifically, the amendments required by IMO Resolution MEPC.201(62) prohibits the discharge of all garbage into the sea unless expressly provided for otherwise. A emphasis is now based on sorting of waste material into what can be used onboard ship, discharged or recycled at an appropriate port reception facility. Annex V also provides for Port State intervention in the event of noncompliance and the provision of appropriate documentation and procedures to instruct crew in the avoidance of pollution by garbage.

For ships that transit the Polar regions Part IIA, Chapter 5 of the Polar Code gives further requirements as expressed in IMO Resolution MEPC.264(68).

Compliance with the provisions of Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 and Part IIA, Chapter 5 of the Polar Code requires careful planning and proper execution by crew members in conjunction with shore reception facilities.  The best means of handling and storing vessel refuse on board depends on factors such as the type and size of the ship, the area of operation and the distance from nearest land and the shipboard garbage regulations and reception facilities at ports of call.

This Garbage Management Plan is now 2019 compliant in that it incorporates all updates to the Polar Code and MARPOL Annex V as of the 1st January 2019.  

The regulation require that all ships of 12m or more and fixed or floating platforms shall display placards that inform the crew and passengers of the discharge requirements of different kinds of garbage. These should consist of small placards in all crew and passenger spaces including their cabins. MARPOL V:10.1  

Maritime Progress garbage placard 1042Y  “Don’t throw garbage overboard”. Additionally ships of 100 gross tonnage and over and all ships that are certified to carry more than 15 people as well as fixed or floating platforms shall also have a garbage management plan. MARPOL V:10.2  

Maritime Progress Garbage Management Plan Ships of 400 gross tons and over which are certified to carry 15 or more persons that engage in voyages to ports or offshore terminals internationally, as well as every fixed and floating platform, shall also be provided with a garbage record book. MARPOL V:10.3  

Maritime Progress Garbage Record book 1203Y However, ships which are certified to carry 15 or more persons and whose voyages are less than 1 hour in duration and fixed or floating platforms may have the requirement to keep a garbage record book by their administration.  MARPOL V:10.4  


General Policy Responsibilities Training  


General Collection Procedures  


General Processing Procedures Criteria for solid bulk cargo residues harmful for the environment  


General Storage Procedures  


General Discharge of garbage outside special areas Discharge of garbage within special areas Discharge from fixed or floating platforms International Code for ships in polar waters Exceptions Disposal Procedures  


Introduction Description of garbage Entries in Garbage Record Book Advanced notification of garbage and cargo residue delivery Garbage receipts Inadequacy of port reception facilities Amount of Garbage or cargo residue  


Vessel particulars Management policy statement Responsibilities Processing details Advanced notification form for garbage delivery to port reception facilities Garbage to remain on board Receipt for garbage disposed to port reception facility Report on alleged inadequacy of port reception facilities Example of garbage record book   For a full guide to our publications including Fire Training Manual & Safety Operational Booklet, Garbage Management Plan & Record Book and SOLAS Training Manual click here.

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