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Fire control plans

Fire control plans

Maritime Progress offers customers a plan modification and update service, working from existing Ship plans, GA’s and Fire plans. The service provides for electronic, or print copy in full colour.  The latter can be presented laminated, or encapsulated, in a range of sizes (A1, A2, A3, and A4) through to A0+ size, to cover most shipboard requirements.  

Plans printed on Telglow Class C photoluminescent vinyl will improve considerably the effectiveness of this safety application.

If necessary, plans can be archived securely for the customer, thereafter retrieval and modification can be made quickly and cost effectively.

SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 15.2.4 requires general arrangement plans to be permanently exhibited for the guidance of the ship’s officers. These plans are to show the structural fire prevention measures, the location of the firefighting equipment and the means of access to different compartments. Description in such plans will be in the language, or languages required by the Administration. If the language is neither English nor French, a translation into one of these languages will be included.

IMO Resolution A.952(23) – Graphical symbols for shipboard fire control plans refers to the International Standards ISO 17631.

The Maritime Progress fire and safety plan design department uses symbols from this standard to assist customers in developing suitable fire control plans. When an item of equipment is not covered by the ISO standard a reference is made to our large library of symbols that have been created to match many customers’ specific needs.

SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation requires RO-RO passenger ships to display simple mimic plans showing the ‘You are here’ position and escape routes prominently displayed on the insides of cabin doors and in public spaces.

Port and Office Facilities

Building plans, including Fire Escape plans, can also be produced in a similar fashion.
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