Enclosed Space Entry Poster (27.10.2017)

Enclosed Space Entry Poster

Enclosed Space Entry Poster


There are many spaces within a vessel that are either seldom visited or are normally closed. Such spaces could include tank tops, double bottoms, cargo holds, cargo tanks, ballast tanks, gas tanks, chain lockers, even pump rooms. These spaces may have contained hydrocarbons, gasses, chemicals, water, seemingly innocuous cargo or may have been empty and dry, but they all still could be hazardous. The atmosphere may include, toxic gasses or depleted of oxygen due to corrosion, or by microorganism activity within the cargo (Timber for example).

Other hazards might include insufficient ambient lighting, slippery surfaces, broken ladder rungs and even falling objects due to break down in coatings or presence of workers above.

Even seemingly safe spaces that are visited frequently can result in a incident for example areas of previously undisturbed cargo residue might release gasses, or products being used for coating maintenance may turn a safe space into a hazardous space.

The Maritime Progress “Enclosed Space Entry” Poster and associated signage should be available in crew mess and cargo control rooms as a reminder of steps that must be taken prior to and when working within such a space.


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