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Floor Graphics for Directional and Safety Messaging

Through our sister company Warnstar Sign and Print, we can print high-quality floor graphics for both interior and exterior use.

Floor decals or graphics can be an efficient way to convey messages from safety and directional to branding and advertising. We have several off the shelf safety products including those encouraging social distancing and COVID safety messaging which can be used to complement your ship’s safety policies. We can also create bespoke products using your information and designs. Floor graphics are an ideal solution for an additional level of wayfinding or floor marking of storage or other areas. They can also be used as a tool for branding i.e. welcome messages or as a promotional tool in retail, duty-free or hospitality settings.

The life of the decals will depend on the environment and surface they are installed on together with the level of footfall but are a cost-effective and eye-catching method of conveying your message.

Interior Floor Graphics & Decals*

Our superb anti-slip, digitally-printable floor vinyl can transform interior floor spaces with ease. This monomeric self-adhesive product boasts a premium surface texture that achieves R10 slip rating even when printed and is tough enough to last for all your short to medium term floor graphic needs. We can print and cut to any shape to create stunning floor graphics with the added benefit of an anti-slip finish – perfect for commercial and retail environments.

  • Tough, micro-patterned anti-slip vinyl
  • Semi-permanent self-adhesive
  •  R10 slip rating DIN 51130 (Ramp Test)

Exterior Floor Graphics & Decals*

We use self-adhesive white digital printing film to print your designs which offer an ideal solution for short-term floor graphic applications. The 125 µm thick film for rough interior and outdoor floors like asphalt is equipped with a structured surface. It is R9-certified for its DIN 51130-compliant anti-slip properties. The graphics are also scratch-resistant.  It has residue-free removability making this product a safe and efficient floor graphic solution for applications at the point of sale, in Ports, Ships, airports, train stations, shopping malls and at exhibitions etc.

Product Uses

  • General safety messages
  • No-smoking symbols
  • COVID awareness
  • Wayfinding
  • Car lane marking
  • Point of sale material
  • Queue marking
  • Do not feed the seagulls
  • Slippery floor
  • Deck marking

We can also provide a Design Service, so whether you have the content ready or need a guiding hand, we can provide the full Design & Print service for you. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or for a no-obligation chat, call  Tel +44 (0) 1737 763400.

*We use a range of materials depending on requirements and application, these specifications are for our most popular products. If you require a particular specification for your products please discuss this with our team.

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