Pathway Matting (30.4.2019)


MPL Matting – As featured in IMPA

Newly redesigned, our safety matting has a non-slip surface, textured finish and glow in the dark strip.

Due to its greater resistance to oil and chemical spills than polythene matting, our matting products are made from a flexible PVC. It also insulates for low voltage, low-frequency applications.

Both the Work-station matting and Safety-way matting products have been redesigned to feature a greater emphasis on the photoluminescent stripe with glow in the dark to either guide to safety or delineate hazards.

Work-station matting

can be laid in front of machinery to define work areas, alleviate operator fatigue and in the event of a blackout, identify machine positions.

Available in two sizes

1200 x 1200 mm    IMPA 33.2353
2400 x 1200 mm    IMPA 33.2354 

Safety-way matting

helps leading passengers and crew to safety in an emergency and, for when electrical lighting fails, features a built-in photoluminescent strip.

Available in one size only

2400 x 610 mm    IMPA 33.2532