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News On Minimum Orders

Our recent review of cost procedures resulted in extensive cost savings across the majority range of our products. However, we did identify that the administrative and production costs, associated with processing low value orders was not conducive to the generous discounts offered to our loyal customers.

Therefore, we have instigated a minimum order charge of £50.00 to cover administrative costs of order processing. We are confident you will concur, this policy affecting orders of less than £50.00 is vital for maintaining low costs.

As valued customers we will in certain cases process order requests of under £50.00 as a discretionary exception, as we appreciate the difficulties sectors of the marketplace and time restraints of some customers, but we respectfully request that future purchases are combined to your basket until your orders after your discount reaches that minimum order value of £50.00.

Maritime Progress Limited continue to produce quality signage for the maritime sector.

To ask about an exception to this policy please email Here

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