IMO / ISO Vessels built before 2004

Powder hose and hand gun

6053 View

Powder installation

6051 View

Powder monitor (gun)

6052 View

Powder release station

6054 View

Push-button/switch for fire alarm

6002 View

Remote controlled fire pumps or emergency switches

6020 View

Remote controlled fuel/lubricating oil valves

6065 View

Remote controlled skylights

6064 View

Remote ventilation shut-off

6078 View

Section valves drenching

6029 View

Smoke detector

6056 View

Space protected by automatic fire alarm

6006 View

Space protected by CO2

6007 View

Space protected by drenching installation

6028 View

Space protected by foam

6016 View

Space protected by halon 1301

6011 View

Space protected by sprinkler

6045 View

Sprinkler horn

6046 View

Sprinkler installation

6044 View

Sprinkler section valve

6047 View

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