Fire Control Symbols (SIS)

Space protected by heat detector(s)

6874 View

Space protected by Nitrogen fire extinguishing system

6877 View

Space protected by powder fire extinguishing system

6862 View

Space protected by smoke detector(s)

6873 View

Space protected by sprinkler

6045 View

Space protected by sprinkler system

6864 View

Space protected by water fire extinguishing system

6863 View

Sprinkler horn

6046 View

Sprinkler installation

6044 View

Sprinkler section valve

6047 View

Sprinkler section valve

6819 View

Water fire extinguisher

6851 View

Water fire hose and nozzle

6846 View

Water fog applicator

6024 View

Water fog applicator

6865 View

Water monitor

6843 View

Water monitor (gun)

6023 View

Water spray system valves

6839 View

Water wheeled fire extinguisher

6856 View

Watertight doors remote control

6782 View

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