Fire Control Symbols (SIS)

Inert gas installation

6073 View

Inert gas installation

6840 View

International shore connection

6059 View

International shore connection

6814 View

Locker with additional protective clothing

6069 View

Locker with fireman’s outfit

6067 View

Lub oil valves remote control

6806 View

Lube oil pumps remote shut-off

6802 View

Main vertical zone

6042 View

Main vertical zone division

6753 View

Manually operated call point

6005 View

Manually operated call point

6872 View

Muster List

6721 View

Portable foam applicator

6036 View

Portable foam applicator unit

6857 View

Powder fire extinguisher

6850 View

Powder fire hose and nozzle

6845 View

Powder hose and hand gun

6053 View

Powder installation

6051 View

Powder monitor

6842 View

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