IMO / ISO 2019 - Without Text

No metallic articles or watches

8401 View

No mobile phone symbol

8510 View

No naked lights, No open flame

8501 View

No outdoor footwear

8462 View

No parasailing

8468 View

No personal water craft

8459 View

No photography

8417 View

No pushing

8407 View

No pushing into water

8464 View

No reaching in

8405 View

No running

8450 View

No sailing

8455 View

No sand yachting

8469 View

No sitting

8408 View

No smoking

8500 View

No smoking in bed symbol

8524 View

No snorkelling

8452 View

No stepping on surface

8409 View

No sub-aqua diving

8453 View

No surf craft

8461 View

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