IMO / ISO 2019 - Without Text

Acid / corrosive symbol

7505 View

Arc flash; warning

7423 View

Asphyxiating atmosphere; warning

7422 View

Automatic start-up; warning

7403 View

Battery charging; warning

7408 View

Bio hazard symbol

7514 View

Boating area; warning

7454 View

Counter rotating rollers; warning

7407 View

Crocodiles, alligators or caymans; warning

7463 View

Crushing of hands; warning

7406 View

Crushing; warning

7404 View

Danger of death symbol

7516 View

Deep shelving beach; warning

7462 View

Deep water; warning

7443 View

Diving area; warning

7429 View

Electrical symbol

7507 View

Explosive atmosphere; warning

7425 View

Explosive symbol

7504 View

Falling ice from turbine; warning

7426 View

Falling ice; warning

7420 View

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