Think Safety Posters (11.6.2019)


Increasing Safety Awareness

Our Think Safety poster range is designed to promote safe working practices and aid awareness of both passengers and crew. In conjunction with our range of ISM posters, our Think Safety posters assist ship-owners and operators to fulfil their obligations by providing practical information on shipboard operations.

Designed for Safety

Ship specific scenarios are presented in an entertaining style while still conveying the important safety message. The images are surrounded by a large eye catching orange border whilst the safety title, which is written in bold white lettering, can be viewed at a greater distance.

Designed for Training

Enhance crew safety awareness further with the use of our interchangeable acrylic Poster Display Unit. It allows for a selection of posters to be displayed in a fixed position. When the Think Safety Posters are changed on a regular basis it stimulates learning, reinforces the safety message and helps combat complacency.

Available in A3 in either Rigid PVC or Self Adhesive Vinyl Material