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What is a Low Location Lighting System?

In the event of fire rooms and corridors can fill up with smoke this can make wayfinding difficult and often causes disorientation. A Low Location Lighting (LLL) system is designed using photoluminescent products to direct people to safety and to highlight potential life-saving safety and fire equipment. An LLL allows all evacuation routes to stay illuminated even under conditions of power failure, communicating an unambiguous and clear ‘means of escape’ message which lead to a safe place and safe egress. An LLL is often referred to as a Safety way guidance system (SWGS) in land-based premises.

Low Location Lighting System

An LLL system generally consists of photoluminescent strips applied to walls, directional arrows and safety equipment location signs.

The regulations governing LLL are found in the FSS Code or International Code for Fire Safety Systems, which is a set of international treaties organised by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) under the SOLAS Convention that are designed to reduce the risk of fire, and aid in emergency response aboard ships. 

SOLAS Chapter 11-2, Regulation to and Chapter 11-1, Regulation 42 and 42-1 as appropriate, says ships carrying passengers shall be fitted with electric or photoluminescent Low Location Lighting and if carrying more than 36 passengers these regulations also apply to crew accommodation.

The IMO Resolution A.752 (18) for the evaluation, testing and application of Low Location Lighting is also useful.

The ISO 15370:2011 recommends that the placement of way guidance is at 300mm from the deck necessitating people in severe smoke conditions to escape, leaning towards the floor, to see the escape route markings. Although a photoluminescent safety rail positioned at 1m off the floor incorporating signs and tactile directions is sometimes preferred.

Maritime Progress has five different formats to fulfil photoluminescent Low Location Lighting requirements and we also have related products such as kick plates, safety rails and stair nosing tactile aids. You can read about all our Low Location Lighting systems and related products and how they relate to safety regulations together with product details and specifications here.

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