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Market leading manufacturer and supplier of IMO compliant, marine safety signage and posters

Available through our worldwide distributor and re-seller network

Highest quality approved products. ISO 9001, BSI , Lloyds Register Legislatively compliant safety signs and posters manufactured in the UK.



Safety signs for passenger vessels

Passenger ships on international voyages must comply with all relevant IMO regulations, including those in the SOLAS and Load Lines Conventions. Passenger ships in operation today are subject to a vast array of regulations and standards covering every aspect of ship construction and operation.

  • Ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • Ocean liners



Cargo vessel safety signs

The ISM code requires vessel managers and captains to ensure that all crew members are aware of hazards, the nature of the hazard and the measures to be taken to protect themselves onboard ship.

  • Container ships
  • Oil tankers
  • LPG tankers
  • Bulk carrier

Offshore energy

This is a unique industry with specific structures and supply vessels where service technicians face the most challenging environments.
Particular emphasis is placed on raising the level awareness within offshore environments, promoting safe work conditions that minimize downtime due to errors or accidents.

Oil and gas


Oil and gas safety signs

Offshore safety signage designed for the oil and gas industry.

  • Platform supply vessels
  • Offshore construction vessels
  • Oil and gas platforms
  • FPSO

Renewable energy


Renewable energy safety signs

Safety signs designed and developed for the renewable energy sector.

  • Offshore construction vessels
  • Wind turbines (fixed and floating)
  • Service operation vessel (SOV)
  • Crew transfer vessel (CTV)

Ports and harbours

Safety signage for ports and harbours

To achieve a safe port, a Harbour Master must identify the hazards which present in the port and then assess the risks associated with those hazards.

Navigational safety and care for the environment are governed by numerous international, national and local laws and regulations. Harbour Masters have to not only obey local by-laws but also enforce them.

  • Tugs
  • Civils (jack ups)
  • Ferries
  • Harbour office and terminals
  • Fishing vessels
  • Fish farms


High quality safety signs for superyachts

Superyachts are subject to the same international standards as other maritime classes of vessels, owners are required to provide a safe environment for both their guests and crew. Maritime Progress introduced its Masterclass™range of aesthetically prestigious safety signs specifically designed for use on board luxury motor yachts.

  • Superyachts
  • Megayachts



Military vessel safety signs

The safety of crew is paramount and in critical situations a well-placed high grade photoluminescent sign could mean the difference between life and death. 

  • Fighting ships
  • Fleet auxiliaries
  • Naval dockyards
  • Shipyards
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