Maritime Progress Ltd (MPL) is the UK market leader for the supply of high quality signage to the global marine industry.  Together, with its array of health and safety related products, including Fire Training, SOLAS, SMPEP, SOPEP manuals, Garbage Management Plans and our range of ISM training posters, MPL is committed to fulfilling its BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 statement “to provide products that contribute to people’s safety, that conform to our customers’ requirements, to deliver them on time and at a competitive price.”

Unlike other signage suppliers, we manufacturer our own Telglow™ Photoluminescent materials (PSPA classed A-D) here in the UK, in the British Port of Harwich and we produce our own Telscape™ safety way guidance system (SWGs).  With Escape route signing presented in a colour coordinated system for deck/level orientation, the responsible person can feel confident that their means of escape and Low Location Lighting (LLL) signage requirements can be accommodated by one supplier, providing full traceability to fulfill quality assurance requirements.

This year we are very excited to launch our new photoluminescent way-finding matting.

Whatever you are looking for our expert team, with over 30 years’ experience, can advise you, not only on, technical and legislative considerations but also on suitable materials and viewing distances so that you can make informed decisions.

We are an innovative materials manufacturer, with state of the art printing and engraving capabilities, who will give you the best Bespoke Service.

Remember whether you need IMO Signage, Fire Control Symbols (FCS), Health and Safety products, training posters, signage or bespoke services they will be supported by a “Can Do Company” through a worldwide distribution network.

Bespoke Services.

We offer a tailor made service for the supply of quality bespoke signage and safety products. As we produce in-house we offer a fast service, as we are fully aware of the needs of the Marine Industry.

Our in house facilities include high quality screen printing, state of the art digital printers and a high speed router to create “specials” in architecturally aesthetically pleasing shapes, patterns; grooved and/or molded on various substrates.  You can rest assured that we:

Require no minimum order requirement

Can supply various materials fit for purpose

Fast service as made in-house

Legislative compliant

Every order checked before dispatch.


Find a Distributor

We have a worldwide distributor network, however we always pleased to speak to companies wanting to represent us.

If you are interested in finding out the details of the distributor(s) closest to you or if you are interested in becoming a distributor continue…..


Bespoke Products

With in-house digital printers at our disposal, we can provide a swift and accurate bespoke service, printing on various substrates, in an array of sizes. 15% of our turnover comes from producing “specials” for the marine industry.


About Maritime Progress

As a UK manufacturer and supplier of signage, we are proud to state that we can offer traceability of product, this is invaluable when considering your ISO9001:2008 or even 2015 needs!


Order your Maritime Progress Book

The Maritime Progress book is an authoritative reference manual of signage, safety awareness and training material onboard ship. The book has been designed to be compact focusing on the signs most commonly used onboard all types of vessel. Specific reference to International regulations, standards, codes and guidelines are easily found as appropriate within the pages of the book.

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