Our customers benefit from the fact that many of the productive processes are performed in our factories or under our design control. Telglow photoluminescent rigid materials, self-adhesive vinyl and Vynalast are all proprietary products while printing, forming and finishing are controlled by our graphics/factory staff.

Standard sign Materials

PR - Photoluminescent Rigid

Telglow ™ 1.3mm Photoluminescent rigid PVC. Available in three classes with luminosity in excess of PSPA Class B as standard plus PSPA Classes C and D upon request.

Recommended Uses: Low Location Lighting, evacuation route marking, LSA and fire signage. Excellent durability outside but can reduce in strong sunlight/humidity.

PV - Photoluminescent Vinyl

Telglow ™ 0.6mm Photoluminescent flexible PVC vinyl with permanent self-adhesive. Luminosity in excess PSPA Class B, and Class C for fire plans.

Recommended Uses: Evacuation route signs, fire and LSA plus general signage and Internal Wayfinding tape.

WR - Rigid PVC

950 micron / 1.00mm gloss white rigid PVC (other thicknesses available for bespoke signage).

Recommended Uses: Basic rigid material for signage often requiring the provision of emergency/support lighting. Use for internal and external application.

WV - Flexible PVC (Self-Adhesive)

90 micron flexible gloss white PVC vinyl with permanent self-adhesive.

Recommended Uses: Flexible material for internal signage often requiring emergency/support lighting.

TV - Transparent PVC (Self-Adhesive)

90 micron flexible transparent PVC vinyl with permanent self-adhesive.

Recommended Uses: Used mainly for superimposing signs on other backgrounds e.g. Low Location Lighting systems, wall coverings, glass doors, Safety rails combined with Telglow tapes.

Bespoke sign Materials

Multi Layered PVC

Vynalast™ Multi coloured/layered material used for engraving small to large permanent signs and instructions with special resistance to UV light and sea water.

Recommended uses: Used to produce appropriately coloured permanent notices and labels in a variety of combinations –colours, Telglow, back lighting, hygiene applications etc.

Also available, Vynalast incorporating Telglow™ photoluminescent layer, ideal for instrument labelling, for example, on the Bridge.


Highly durable material, available in various thicknesses and colours, both opaque and transparent.

Recommended uses: This material produces high quality decorative signs capable of meeting architectural/designer’s aesthetic requirements.


Highly durable material, available in transparent and various colours in various thicknesses.

Recommended uses: Similar to acrylic above, this material produces high quality decorative signs capable of meeting architectural/designer’s aesthetic requirements.

Brass/Stainless steel

Polished or Brushed versions highly durable and decorative.

Recommended uses: Printed or Vinyl lettering for Prestige Signs.


16 swg or 11 swg thickness. Supplied either faced with a vinyl or as anodised aluminium.

Recommended uses: Metal based signage materials which can be engraved, painted or covered with a vinyl covering e.g. Telglow ™.

Photoluminescent faced aluminium panels/signs are available on request.


2 thin sheets of aluminium sandwiching a dense PVC. Available in 2mm or 3mm thickness various colours including metallic. As durable as aluminium but lighter in weight and has no scrap value.

Recommended uses: This material can substitute for aluminium at a lower cost.

Photoluminescent faced aluminium panels/signs are available on request.

Foam PVC

High density foam PVC. Available in several colours and thicknesses. Durable and lightweight

Recommended uses: This material is used internally and externally for permanent and temporary applications.

Correx PVCA

Lightweight fluted PVC available in various colours and thicknesses.
Recommended uses: This material is used for internal and external signs e.g. Temporary notices.

Sale of Raw Materials

Telegan Pressed Products Ltd.

Trade Enquiries for Photoluminescent and Pressed Products

Maritime Progress use a wide variety of materials manufactured by our sister company Telegan Pressed Products Ltd. We welcome trade enquiries within the marine industry. The following products are the most requested:
• Telglow™ photoluminescent rigid sheet (PSPA class B to D)
• Telglow™ photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl (PSPA class B)
• Telbex™ standard colours range of pressed sheet
• Telbak™ C-Sharp range of optically clear materials
• Vynalast multi-coloured (layers) engraving pvc sheet
• Vynalast (with Telglow™ photoluminescent layer)
• Telscape Floor matting
• Plus many more specialist application materials
Whilst many products are available off the shelf, as manufacturers of these materials, they can also work with you for your bespoke requirements (subject to minimum quantities).
Typical applications and technical data of all materials are available on their website


Order your Maritime Progress Book

The Maritime Progress book is an authoritative reference manual of signage, safety awareness and training material onboard ship. The book has been designed to be compact focusing on the signs most commonly used onboard all types of vessel. Specific reference to International regulations, standards, codes and guidelines are easily found as appropriate within the pages of the book.

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