316 Polished stainless steel silver fire plan holder


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A statement piece that is not only harmonious within its opulent surroundings, it enhances it.
Our new stunning SOLAS approved Fire and Safety plan holder is the perfect prominently marked, weather-tight enclosure to encapsulate printed plans.
316L Stainless steel, thanks to its chemical composition, is a metal alloy, which is naturally corrosion-resistant. This excellent corrosion resistance is ideal for the harsh marine environments the holder may endure, with good performance at low and high temperatures on board.

Required by the ‘Red Ensign Group Yacht Code, Chapter 14.5’., Fire control plan(s) are permanently exhibited for the guidance of the Master and crew of the vessel. Showing clearly for each deck, displaying the appropriate IMO symbols, indicating and describing the fire protection, detection, and extinction arrangements.

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Dimensions 780 × 100 × 100 cm

AISI 316L Polished Stainless Steel


Complete with clips, closures and brackets.


100mm diameter x 780mm length.