Legislation Standards & Codes

Maritime Progress Ltd’s signage, posters and systems have been designed by reference to and where necessary in compliance with the following regulations, standards, codes and guidelines.

  • The International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea SOLAS 1974 as amended by protocol or resolution. In particular:-
  • Chapter II-1 – Construction, Structure, Subdivisions and Stability. Machinery and Electrical Installations
  • Chapter III – Life-Saving Appliances
  • Chapter VII – Dangerous Goods
  • Chapter IX – ISM
  • Chapter XI-2 – Special Measures to Enhance Maritime Security
  • The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973, as modified by the protocol of 1979 MARPOL 73/78 and as amended by protocol of resolution. In particular:-
  • Annex I – Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Oil
  • Annex V – Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships
  • International Safety Management ISM Code
  • International Ship and Port Security ISPS Code
  • Fire Safety Systems FSS Code
  • Life Saving Appliance LSA Code
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods IMDG Code
  • Large Commercial Yacht LY2 Code
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units MODU Code
  • Collision Regulations COLREGS
  • Code of Noise Levels On-board Ships
  • International Code of Signals
  • IMO/ICAO Document 9636 Symbols to be used in Air and Sea Ports
  • ISO 15370 – Ships and Marine Technology – Low-location Lighting on passenger ships – Arrangement
  • ISO 14726 – Ships and Marine Technology – Identification colours for the content of piping systems
  • ISO 17631 – Ships and Marine Technology – Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape

Specific Designs Standards and Resolutions are:-

  • Resolution A.760(18) – Symbols related to life saving appliances and arrangement
  • ISO 24409 Ships and marine technology – Design, location and use of shipboard safety signs, safety-related  signs, safety notices and safety markings / Part 1: Design principles & Part 2: Catalogue
  • ISO 7010 Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – Registered safety signs
  • ISO 7001 Graphical symbols – Public information symbols
  • ISO 3864 Graphical symbols – safety colours and safety signs -: Part 1: Design principle for safety signs and safety markings / Part 3: Design principles for graphical symbols for use in safety signs /  Part 4: Colormetric and photometric properties of safety signs
  • ISO 17398 Safety Colours and safety signs – Classification performance and durability of safety signs

Maritime Progress Ltd also uses various individual Flag and State regulations and policy requirements in the design of our product offering to the international marine market.


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The Maritime Progress book is an authoritative reference manual of signage, safety awareness and training material onboard ship. The book has been designed to be compact focusing on the signs most commonly used onboard all types of vessel. Specific reference to International regulations, standards, codes and guidelines are easily found as appropriate within the pages of the book.

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