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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been through the website and have not had a particular question answered, there is a good chance that you will find it in this section.

How to Order

When ordering please include the product code.  This consists of a four digit number, followed by a one or two letter size reference, followed by a two letter material reference.

Standard Sizes

Available standard sizes are shown for each product:-

With our sign code numbers (generally four digit numerical), we have tried to adopt a user-friendly ‘number reference system’.

For example: 4110JJPV, 4110 denotes the sign design, JJ denotes the size, giving the vertical dimension first,  PV denotes the material:-

You will find that the two digit alphabetical suffix to a sign reference, denotes the material of the sign e.g., WV = White Vinyl sign, PV = Photoluminescent Vinyl sign.  The two digit alphabetical code, preceding the suffix to a sign reference denotes the size of the sign e.g. JJ = 150 x 150mm, KJ = 200 x 150mm.

Standard products are what we show on both our website and our brochure and usually have four digit code numbers. 90% of these products are held in stock.

Special, bespoke items are not usually shown in the brochure and usually have a five digit number.

Our company policy is to deliver legislative compliant signs to all of our customers and we endeavour to update our range of signs in line with changes in legislation.

We also make every effort to produce any special signs in accordance with legislative requirements. We shall advise our customers on the legislation and provide alternatives to the design of signs to ensure that the customer can make an informed decision.  We shall also advise on the most appropriate material for a sign, dependent on its application.

Your orders are filed under your personal order number and our own job number, which enables us to provide historical records of previous orders and artwork, going back over many years – Full traceability for quality assurance commitments.

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