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How to Order
When ordering please include the product code.  This consists of a four digit number, followed by a one or two letter size reference, followed by a two letter material reference.
Standard Sizes
Available standard sizes are shown for each product:-
With our sign code numbers (generally a four digit numerical number), we have tried to adopt a user-friendly “number reference system”.
Eg:     4110JJPV, 4110 denotes the sign design, JJ denotes the size, giving the vertical dimension first,  PV denotes the material:-
You will find that the two digit alphabetical suffix to a sign reference, denotes the material of the sign e.g., WV = White vinyl sign, PV = Photoluminescent vinyl sign.  The two digit alphabetical code, preceding the suffix to a sign reference denotes the size of the sign e.g. JJ = 150 x 150mm, KJ = 200 x 150mm.
Standard products are what we show on our website and our brochure and usually have four digit code numbers. 90% of these products are held in stock.
Special, bespoke items are not usually shown in the brochure and usually have a five digit number.
Our company policy is to deliver legislative compliant signs to all our customers and we endeavour to update our range of signs in line with changes in legislation.
We also make every effort to produce any special signs in accordance with legislative requirements. We will advise our customers on the legislation and provide alternatives to the design of signs to ensure that the customer can make an informed decision.  We will also advise on the most appropriate material for a sign, depending on its application.
Your orders are filed under your personal order number and our own job number, which enables us to provide historical records of previous orders and artwork, going back over many years – Full traceability for quality assurance commitments.

Way Finding Tape

Explanation as to why we do not pre-print the arrows on the tape

In accordance with the requirements of BS 5499 and the International Standards Organisations pictogram and symbol requirements, we no longer pre-print the directional arrows on our Way Finding Tape. Our tape is now supplied complete with 10 x Left handed and 10 x Right handed escape/evacuation route marking decals.

The permanent transparent decals are supplied separately to the tape so that they can be fitted at the time of installation at the most suitable places along the evacuation route.

This system of strategically placing the evacuation route marking indicators will make the system that more effective to ensure both continuity of information and to ensure that directional information cannot cause confusion, i.e. when pre-printed, a situation could occur where an arrow was positioned to show direction through doors that were not part of a safe evacuation route.

This is a far superior product and the benefit of being able to site directional information exactly where it is needed will be more appreciated by your customers.

Fire Plan holders

Designed to comply with the requirements of the SOLAS Regulations, our UPVC Fire Plan Holders have weatherproof screw end caps and are available in two lengths. They are supplied with a Fire Plan label, however custom made labels (e.g. company logos) are available P.O.A.

We do not offer replacement parts (e.g. brackets) for these products as we find most of our customs source these locally.

SKU2610 - The Small Fire Plan Holder, measuring 345mm x 125mm dia. This does not come with fixings but we recommend M8 bolts, as the holder has two M8 size captive bolts for attaching a bracket or for bolting to the wall. This is suitable for vessels with small Fire Plans, however it is not ideal for larger ships.

To address larger vessels, SKU2612 - The Large Fire Plan Holder, measuring 1000mm x 110mm diameter, can easily accommodate a full rolled up AO sized plan without the need to make folds. This comes with two rubber clip clamps, to enable fitting.

An Explanation of Photoluminescence

The effect of luminous materials is known to most people from experiences with everyday objects such as children’s toys and watch dials, however, very few people understand the science involved or are aware of the similar properties that are displayed by other materials.

To assist you in understanding Maritime Progress photoluminescent products we are pleased to offer the following notes and, while not by any means exhaustive, we hope that they will be of assistance.

Types of Luminance:

Passive Vs Luminescent materials.
Normal dyes and pigments function by passively reflecting a specific part of the spectrum of the light falling upon them, the balance being absorbed by the material as heat. The colour you see is dictated by the part of the spectrum reflected by the material. [Although not pertinent to these notes, this raises an interesting philosophical point, that if you are only seeing the light reflected by a material, what does the material look like … think about it !]

With most luminescent materials the process that makes a substance glow is the same. Electrons are transferred to higher energy levels within the atom by outside forces and later return to the lower levels, releasing a photon in the process. Phosphorescence with it’s after glow has a slightly different mechanism, but in all cases it is the emmited photon you see as visible light. This process will be explained in greater detail later on, but there follows a description of the different types of luminescence, note the different mechanisms that trigger each effect.

Fluorescence is often confused with photoluminescence. The scientific principal with both is similar but in Fluorescent materials the effect happens very quickly, typically in less than one ten thousandths of a second. Fluorescent materials usually absorb light at the UV and blue end of the spectrum and remit this energy as light further into the visible spectrum. As soon as the energising light is removed the process stops. This effect can often be seen in set design at the theatre or in nightclubs, depending on your age! or more commonly on work vests etc.

Photoluminescence. (or more correctly, Phosphorescent materials.)
Phosphorescent materials behave in a similar fashion to Fluorescent materials but there is a time delay between the absorption of the ambient, energising light and the re-emission of that energy as visible light. With some pigments available today the time delay can be quite long, some times lasting 16 or more hours. It is blends of these pigments that we employ in our signs and greater details of the way they work will follow at the end of this section.

Radioluminescence materials display a similar effect to the above, but are not activated by visible light. Instead these materials are activated by radioactive decay. It is unlikely that you will come across these types of material, but there are a couple of companies selling signs employing this effect. These signs take the form of a closed box with a glass face, typically sign size but approximately 5mm thick. The inside of the glass is coated in radioluminescent pigment; the box is then filled with Tritium gas and sealed. The pigment will glow continuously, similar to one of our signs, until the Tritium gas has decayed to a point where it is no longer effective which we understand can be 15 years or more. The Tritium gas used is claimed by the manufacturers to be relatively harmless. The claim being that if you are in a room 3.5m cubed and a sign is broken open, the radiation dose received is about the same as a dental X-ray.

The operation of these signs is exactly the same as an electrical, fluorescent lamp the only exception being that the electrons charging the phosphor are provided by the Tritium gas rather than being generated by electric current. These signs are referred to, rather innocuously, by some manufacturers as “self luminous signs”. The major draw back with these signs is that have to be disposed of, at great expense, as radioactive waste.

Why Photoluminescent?

This is an ideal material to use for safety signs and SWGS because photoluminescent material stores energy from a light source and releases the light energy in darkness. There must always be enough light to activate the material while the brightness and period of glow depends on the grade and thickness of pigment used. Maritime Progress photoluminescent material far exceeds the glow properties required for Low Location Lighting systems and has a Marine Equipment Directive certification by Lloyds for this purpose. The same material is used as standard for all photoluminescent signs.

Our Self-Adhesive photoluminescent Vinyl (PV) is a Flexible laminated PVC composite material incorporating a photoluminescent layer thermally welded to a white reflective layer, backed with pre-applied adhesive.

Our Photoluminescent Rigid (PR) is a laminated PVC sheet incorporating a photoluminescent layer backed by a rigid white reflective substrate and protected by a tough clear gloss PVC film. All laminations are thermally welded to from a cohesive sheet.

Why Vynalast engraving laminate (EL)?

This is a tough, rigid, PVC product designed for the more technical applications of engraved signage and has been specifically developed to use in harsh marine environments. In addition to excellent chemical resistance, it has high tensile strength, good impact strength and dimensional stability with low thermal conductivity. It excels in outdoor applications (e.g. exposed decks) where it is resistant to salt water corrosion, ultraviolet light and other environmental factors.

Vynalast engraved signs can be formed and bent to allow fixing to a variety of different shaped objects such as pipes and curved bulkheads. Easily guillotined and sawn it can be cut to size and drilled onboard if necessary. The signs are available in either gloss or satin finish.

Why Vynalast photoluminescent engraving laminate (EP)?

Combining all the properties featured in standard Vynalast, this has a “glow in the dark” core which incorporates specialist nontoxic, non-radioactive luminous pigments that absorb ambient light, releasing it slowly when the light source is removed.

Signs can be engraved on virtually any substrate, often used for decoration as well as being informative they provide a tough and durable alternative to printed signs. If you have other requirements please contact us to discuss.

How to order your engraved signs?

When ordering engraved signs please provide the following information:
• Required material
• Required text/detail
• Sign dimensions
• Colour of text
• Colour of background
• Required finish (gloss or satin)

Installation Procedures – Self-Adhesive products (PV, WV)

For satisfactory installation of self-adhesive signs, posters and tapes, surfaces should be smooth, clean, dust and grease free. Peel off the backing paper, align the item to ensure it is straight, and allow one edge to stick to the mounting surface. Work away from the centre of this edge gently smoothing the product into place with a wad of soft clean cloth, ensuring no air bubbles are trapped. Self-adhesive products are not suitable for applying to emulsion surfaces.

Installation Procedures- Rigid products (PR, WR, EL)

Rigid signs can be drilled at each corner for mechanical fixing and suspension from the deck head, or can be fixed in place using applied adhesives, double sided adhesive pads or suspension kits. Where adhesives are used the sign should be temporarily fixed in place using adhesive tape along its top edge so that a hinge is formed. Once this is done flip the sign up to reveal the back and apply the adhesive. Turn the sign back down allowing it to stick to the bulkhead. Apply pressure with a wad of soft cloth and ensure a good contact by adding additional tape until the adhesive has cured.

How do I/we arrange payment?

With the first order, we ask for payment of a Proforma invoice. Thereafter, once we have checked trade references we operate on 30 days credit (i.e. payment 30 days after despatch of goods and we send an invoice). Payment can be made in Pound Sterling, Euro or US$ and depending on your choice we establish your account in the required currency, so if you have a preference please let us know. Alternatively, we accept payment by credit card, Delta, Visa, MasterCard.

How do I/we become a distributor/reseller?

Complete the form on our distributor area HERE and we will contact you.

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What sizes do you offer?

Whilst we can print to any size you require these are our standard size codes (as used in the product codes) and the corresponding measurements.

CC30mm x 30mmJE150mm x 60mmLM250mm x 300mm
CF30mm x 75mmJF150mm x 75mmLN250mm x 350mm
CJ30mm x 150mmJG150mm x 100mmLQ250mm x 500mm
EE50mm x 50mmJJ150mm x 150mmMG300mm x 100mm
EG50mm x 100mmJK150mm x 200mmMJ300mm x 150mm
EJ50mm x 150mmJM150mm x 300mmMK300mm x 200mm
FC75mm x 30mmJP150mm x 400mmMM300mm x 300mm
FG75mm x 100mmJQ150mm x 500mmMN300mm x 350mm
FH75mm x 140mmKF200mm x 75mmMP300mm x 400mm
FJ75mm x 150mmKG200mm x 100mmMT300mm x 800mm
FK75mm x 200mmKJ200mm x 150mmNK350mm x 200mm
FL75mm x 250mmKK200mm x 200mmPM400mm x 300mm
GE100mm x 50mmKL200mm x 250mmPR400mm x 600mm
GF100mm x 75mmKM200mm x 300mmQP500mm x 400mm
GG100mm x 100mmKP200mm x 400mmRK600mm x 200mm
GK100mm x 200mmKR200mm x 600mmRP600mm x 400mm
GJ100mm x 150mmLJ250mm x 150mmVR1000mm x 600mm
GM100mm x 300mmLK250mm x 200mm
GR100mm x 600mmLL250mm x 250mm

How much is carriage?

Packing and Carriage is determine by weight and volume of parcel (s). Should you require indication of carriage charges prior to shipment, please advise at time of quotation.

DHL and ILG are our designated couriers, however if you prefer us to use your own courier/account, this can be discussed.

Maritime Progress ship throughout the UK and worldwide. There are standard prices for UK Mainland, with price breaks at up to 1kg, 5kg, 30kg & Highlands.

Please note for shipments to remote areas of the UK, there are additional cost - for example:-

Isle of Wight, Argyll: Corpatch, Spey Bay, Fochabers,
UK Highlands (AB42, AB43, AB56, AB51 AB32)
Northern Ireland (BT20, BT3, BT40)
Inverness (IV3), Inverness Shire (PH)
Isle of Skye

We can also send items by Royal Mail Post, however these would not be tracked and therefore there is a risk of loss.

What if my goods are missing / damaged?

If there are goods missing/damaged from your delivery, please notify us immediately, so we can investigate.

What if I need to return my order?

Our Terms and Conditions of Sale Apply, please see full T&Cs.

If you need to return goods, please contact us first to explain reason. All goods returned to the company require a return authorisation number which must be obtained in advance.

The Company will accept the return of standard goods within 3 months of our supply invoice date, providing they are in a pristine, resalable condition complete with any accessories, manuals and other documentation originally supplied. A 15% restocking charge will apply. The company will not accept the return of any bespoke items. All materials returned to the Company shall be carriage paid.

Where materials supplied are not of the Company’s manufacture, the purchaser shall be entitled to the benefit of any guarantee afforded to the Company in respect thereof.

What if I require a bespoke item?

Please contact our Sales Team either by telephone +44(0)1737 763400 to discuss your requirements or alternatively email us at

Maritime Progress makes use of its multiple platforms by providing each of our customers with a wide range of services and using a business-driven approach to each project. We incorporate your project with marketing strategies, so that we can produce ideas to improve your business image whilst we carry out your Print & Design services. Our expert team has 40 years of experience within the graphics and printing industry, and from this we strive to supply our customers with a service that delivers quality and consistency throughout. Whatever your company wants or needs, we can print it for you. We create business stationery, floor & window graphics, posters, exhibition graphics… encompassing all your needs including but not limited to large print format…the list goes on. We offer in-house print facilities as well as offering most finishing options in-house too.

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