Combination Mandatory - Prohibition - Warning Signs

Battery locker combination sign

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Caution Slippery Surface / Shower

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Caution steep ladders / Descend backwards…

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Caution Steep stairway, Use handrails

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Chemical Locker combination sign

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Danger Confined space / No unauthorised entry

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Danger Confined space / Valid permit to work required before entry

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Danger Confined space, Do not enter without a permit to work

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Danger Explosion risk

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Danger explosion risk, In the event of a fire remove cylinders to a safe place

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Danger Explosion risk, No smoking, No naked lights

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Danger Flammable material, No smoking, No naked lights

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Danger Gas under pressure / In case of fire remove cylinders…

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Danger Gas, No fire No open lights No smoking

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Danger Hazardous area, Do not enter

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Danger L.P.G. flammable, No smoking, No naked lights

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Danger Non-ionizing radiation, Secure radar

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Danger Petroleum spirit highly flammable

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Danger Vehicle fumes

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Danger, Keep out

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