Fire-Fighting Equipment Signs (FES / FFE)

Collection of fire fighting equipment

6103 View

Fire alarm call point

6101 View

Fire blanket

6116 View

Fire Emergency Radio

6117 View

Fire extinguisher symbol

6100 View

Fire hose reel

6102 View

Fire ladder

6114 View

Fire monitor

6113 View

Fire protection door

6115 View

Fire telephone symbol

6104 View

Fixed fire extinguisher battery

6107 View

Fixed fire extinguisher bottle

6111 View

Fixed fire extinguisher installation

6110 View

Portable foam applicator unit

6108 View

Remote release station

6112 View

Water fog applicator

6109 View

Wheeled fire extinguisher

6106 View

Supplementary sign – CO2

6180 View

Supplementary sign – Foam

6181 View

Supplementary sign – Gas (other then CO2 or Nitrogen)

6183 View

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